Posted by: ottok88 | January 10, 2010


Happy New Year!!  to all of you readers of this blog where ever in the world you live including AUSTRALIA….hello Enny!

It has been too long since I blogged, but I have a great excuse.  I was in the hospital for a while before Christmas.  First for a few days of testing.  One morning  I fainted and Marthe called the doctor and was told to BRING HIM IN!  The tests showed that I had a mild stroke.  I needed to have my carotid artery cleaned out so the blood could flow more freely.  Then home for the weekend and back again for the carotid surgery and I went home on Christmas Eve!  It was a happy occasion for me and my family All the kids and grandchildren came over later and we had our traditional Christmas Eve family celebration !

The kids surprised us with a new computer laptop!  Great surprise!  Great Kids!  It is somewhat differetent than our old crippled  computer and we are still learning  all about it.

The next day was quiet.  We didn’t even get to Mass, because of me!  Just getting home from a surgical procedure I need to rest.  But a couple of our kids who were doing nothing  special on Christmas Day came over and we enjoyed some leftovers.

Now, we are still digging out from a rather heavy snowfall and very cold weather.  But the forecast tells us that it will be warmer with some melting of the snow.  And I think about Australia just beginning their SUMMER!  But, ours is on the way, right?

Enough for this time.  I am gettng tired  sitting at the computer so I will stop and rest a bit.  But if wou don’t mind, I will be back!

I send LOVE to you readers and to the whole world!  That’s how good I feel since the surgery!




  1. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry to hear that you were so unwell!!! At least you got to be home on Christmas Eve.

    The laptop was a very good idea – I think your writing is better on it 🙂 I also got a new laptop – a little EeePC, it’s very small. Plus the best bit is you can use the laptop from bed or on the couch, much more comfortable than having to sit at the table!

    It is very warm here at the moment – I was worried it would be quite cool, but it’s been 38 degrees for the last 2 or 3 days – I just drove over to visit my brother at 7pm and it was still 36 degrees! His puppy is very cute, it’s part irish wolfhound and has a big head and big feet and long legs, so I don’t think it will be small for long.

    I do hope you keep feeling better and better!

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