Posted by: ottok88 | February 9, 2010


This must be the heaviest snowfall we have had so far this year! They are predicting up to 12 inchesw in the area. but we can handle that It’s not bad if you do not need to drive1 But today I have a doctor’s aappointment and one of our daughters
will drive us. We feel that it is important enough to see the doctor.
I should be feeling better then I have been feeling the past week. But I will be okay eventually. Spring is coming and I’ll be able to mget out a little more.
Besides that it is INCOME TAX TIME! That should make me feel better, eh? (HA HA)
Besides that things are going along okay, and I have NIKO to keep me company . He is just too cute. He is good company for Marthe and me. And we are looking forwar to spring in the Norther half of the world.
One thing I want to learn more about is THE AUSTRALIAN RAIN FOREST!!! I don’t remember learning that they even existed. Maybe in my next posting I will explain how I heard about them now. OKAY?



  1. I hope the doctors appointment went well šŸ™‚

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