Posted by: ottok88 | March 4, 2010


Last Sunday we had our annual “lazagna fest” with all the family gathering at our house. It is no wonder that they like coming by Grandma and Grandpa! Anyway it is always great to get together with all the kids and grand-kids. Only it is getting to be a little too much for old Grampa. I was SO tired when it was all over. But, I am determined to continue for as long as I can. How about that?

Now I want to thank my friend “ENNY” for sending me some links to get info about Australian rain forests and other things. I found it all very interesting. I need to be learning new things all the time. At my age I can’t just let my brain sit idle.

I think that we Americans in general do not know much about Australia. I WANT to know more; the history, geography, culture, just anything. What special holidays do the people celebrate? What specialty foods do they enjoy? What entertainment is popular? I suppose I could go to the library and find a book that will tell me some of those things, right?

The weather this week makes us feel that spring is near. This weekend the temperature will be close to 50 degrees. That would be about 10 in Australia, wouldn’t it? There are even some spring flowers coming up in some protacted ares. Green only, no buds or blossoms yet. But spring IS near! And I am happy to be feeling so well. And Marthe is well, also, and so is NIKO! What a great little dog he is. He is sao loving and he is so loved too! We can’t beat loving and being loved, can we?

Okay! Okay! I need to go and have lunch now. Marthe is making soup, good home made soup! She is such a great cook!
g’bye for now! Have a really happy weekend!



  1. Eating lasagna without me… I see how it is gramps!

  2. Lasagna fest sounds fun!

    I don’t really know much about outside of Australia 😉

    I looked up on the internet, and it said that 50 there is about 10 here – is that meant to be warm? What temperature is the warmest it gets in Spring there?

    We get to have a long weekend this weekend – Monday is Canberra Day – I just looked it up on the internet, and it’s to celebrate the naming of Canberra (I had no idea what it was for!).

    One of the things that is good about the food is the amount of multi-culturalism. The other weekend we had the multicultural food fair – it happens once a year in Canberra, and there are stalls from countries all over the world. Then you just walk around the city centre and eat things from all over the world! Similarly, you can get all types of food from all over the world, anywhere in Canberra, and it most parts of Australia! We don’t have a lot of actual Australian food as such – Europeans came to Australia in the late 1700s, most of us convicts. The First Australians are the Aborigines and there are still pockets of Australia where Aborigines live the way they did before the arrival of White Australians. It’s very interesting and also very very sad – you could try looking up information on the Northern Territory Intervention… the Aboriginals have a life span more than 20 years shorter than the rest of Australia.

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