Posted by: ottok88 | August 17, 2010


It has been called to my attention (by Daughter Denise) that I have not blogged since APRIL! I blamed it on being lazy. have had truthfully, it has been my health. Since I last wrote a blog I have had cataract surgery on my right eye, and more recently I have had a pace-maker installed into my chest. And what a difference that little gadget makes. It regulates my heart beat, and when that slows down the pace-maker emits some kind of impulse to the heart and it beats a little faster! Isn’t that remarkable? It is like a miracle!

Since then I don’t feel so very fatigued any more and I can be more active and I feel more alive! I even am able to do a little weeding in our garden. I think Marthe is happy about that because she has been doing almost all the work around here and she shouldn’t have to do all that! But I still need to take it a bit easy and not over-do the work. I Wnt to try to make it to my 100th birthday in 2021….

I am wondering now whether ANYONE is going to read my blogs, since I have not been writing lately. Like “ENNY” in Australia. They must be getting on towards SPRING down there now while we are nearing autumn! That will be a welcome change anyway because we have had a very hot summer. Now I think I will stop writing because it is lunchtime.
But I will blog another day, and try to make it a little more interesting, okay?



  1. We’re still reading!

  2. Yes, we are still reading. And by we, I mean the hummingbirds, and Anne’s bluebirds.

  3. I am so glad you blogged again! I get a notification in my email when you’ve posted, so I was very glad to get the email.

    How is Niko going? We just got a dog on the weekend, he is a long haired chihuahua named ‘Zilla’. He is very cute and loves to play (and bite!).

    You have had a lot of surgery, though it sounds like you a feeling a lot better – that must be a nice change! Sometimes you don’t even realise you aren’t feeling well until after you are better.

    It has been a cold winter here this year – it was -1 when I went to take Zilla for a walk at 6:30 yesterday morning, but because of the wind, it actually felt like -6! We only walked past two houses on my street before we turned around and came back inside because Zilla was shaking from the cold. That said, we have had a few warm days, and some of the bulbs have started to come up. Sine we bought our house in April, it is very exciting to see all the green and flowers pop up. We have three camelia plants at the front of our house and they are just starting to flower – it looks absolutely beautiful!

    I hope you stay well and had a good lunch – hope to hear from you soon.

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