Posted by: ottok88 | September 23, 2010


We hope all of you living “down under” will be enjoying a perfect spring season!  (While we are entering AUTUMN!)  Autumn can be a beautiful season, but most of us think of it as a prelude to WINTER!

However, winter does come to an end and we have spring again.  That is something I have learned in my somewhat lengthy lifetime.  I am happy about our change in seasons.  I don’t think I would enjoy cold all year, nor hot all year.  Change is good.

I have not ‘blogged’ for sometime…had problems with the computer again.  Now it is working well but the printer is bad.

And I haven’t been blogging for a while.  I think it is laziness creping up on me.  What could I do about that?  Any suggestions from out there in Blogland?  I’m ready to try anything ‘cuz’ I do not like LAZY!

Now, I think I will call it a day.  Maybe I could write again tomorrow and get an early start.  Tonight I just want to say “HAPPY SPRINGTIME, AUSTRALIA!




  1. The weather is getting lovely down here! We’ve been getting close to a top of 20 each day this week, which has been so exciting – and it’s getting dark later each day, which means daylights savings is on it’s way – my favourite time of year!

    This weekend is a long weekend in Canberra, we get Monday off for ‘Family and Community Day’ which is a fairly new public holiday. When it first came in a few years ago, it happened on the same day as the Melbourne Cup, which is a public holiday in Melbourne when they have a big horse race that pretty much everyone in Australia stops to watch. Most of the public servants work in Canberra, and they don’t get very much work done because from about 2:30/3pm, all the employees would have afternoon tea with champagne and bet on the horses – they do a lot of Melbourne Cup sweeps in schools too! So, the government thought it would be a good day to have as a public holiday, and name if Family and Community Day, then all the families would spend that day together (Melbourne Cup Day is always on a Tuesday, I think it’s the first Tuesday in November). After that one year, a decision was made that it wouldn’t be held on the same day as Melbourne Cup day, but would be held on a pretty random day in between the Queens Holiday long weekend, and the Labour Day long weekend. So Family and Community Day is on Monday!

    To make it an even more exciting long weekend, we are going to a wedding tomorrow. A girl from my work is getting married and it’s going to be a Macedonian wedding, which I haven’t been to before. It should be very interesting!

    Some bloggers have months where they make a promise every day of that one month – that can be a good way to get in to the habit. When I used to update my blog, I would make myself do it at least three times a week. There are also a few sites that give you ideas, like this one:

    For me (because I also seem to hog your blog!) I do love hearing about how things are done over there, and when you talk about day-to-day things. Talking about things you like to do, or things you remember, or stories about a time something really funny or nice happened.

    Have a lovely day!

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