Posted by: ottok88 | October 1, 2010


Those words, “JOLLY OCTOBER” are the start of a song, a kid song taught us 2nd graders by Sister Celine when I was in her class! (1929?)   Imagine that.  I still remember that!  but why?????

Anyway,  yes, it is October 1st and a truly beautiful autumn day: clear and crisp, blue sky and brilliant sunshine.  There are even some very yellow leaves in my birch tree; a sure sign of fall. The kind of day I like to put on a sweater and sit out in the back yard in the sunshine and read or write.  I do like to write…anything.,,, like letters to friends, or in my journal.  I must have 30 or 40 journals written over the years.  In some are accounts of trasvels, in some, accounts of time spent as a patient in  some hospital, some writyen while simply sittting at home. They are just simple notebooks, hand written, nothing fancy!

I doubt whether anyone will ever read these thoughts/opinions of mine, but the point of them being written is that I enjoyed writing them, right?  I will probably continue writing up to the moment it is impossible for me to write another word!  What do you think of that?

I just had a msg that my battery is low.  The computer is pluigged into a regular powere supply, not deprndsing on a battery1111?????   I will sign off for now and check it out.  But I’ll be back.

*******************************O K !  The battery wire was disconnected!  But I took care of it and let it recharge for a couple of hours.  I have no idea how it disconnected.  All is well now!



  1. Do you remember the rest of the Jolly October song? It’s funny when stuff like that pops in to your head!

    How long have you been writing for? It would be so interesting to look back on all of the things you have written – not only to see how things have changed, but to bring back so many memories! I used to collect notes and ticket stubs in shoeboxes, but when we moved houses I decided to sort through them and get rid of some stuff. I found a printed copy of an email I had written to some friends after we went on a holiday to the coast together for a week, in 2001. I was writing to them to tell them how angry I was about certain things that had happened and I had all of their replies – it was so horrible I couldn’t read them all the way through! I felt embarrassed for how self righteous I was at the time, so I wrote them all a message to apologise (nearly 10 years later!) for how I had acted!

    It wasn’t all bad though – I found a lot of letters I had written back and forth with a good friend from year 8 to year 10. I was also able to send her a message, but just to tell her how much of a good friend she has always been to me.

    So, a trip down memory lane can be a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Although, I don’t imagine that the ones from time in hospital would necessarily be as good to look back on – time in hospital is not usually joined with happy memories.

    I do think you should continue to write – would you look back on this time as an enjoyable time? :o)

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