Posted by: ottok88 | October 14, 2010

MID- October!!!

I have not blogged since Oct. 1st altho I wanted to write.  I think I was in a lazy period.  I don’t like that, I would rather be doing something worthwhile.  Well, I really don’t know if it is laziness, or just “old-age tiredness”!  On Oct.1st I wrote about that little kid song we learned from the Nun when I was in 2nd grade.  I was asked then whether I remember any other of the words.  Well, yes, I remember some: 

“JOLLY OCTOBER IS HERE TODAY,  SEE THE WIND IS CALLING. FOLLOW THE LEADER AND COME THIS WAY,  SEE THE LEAVES ARE FALLING”      and that is all I remember.  I am surprised that I remember that much.  I am surprised that I remember THAT much.  I remember many tunes feom the 20’s and 30’s….song that my older sisters used to sing around the house!    Sometime, even now, I will break into song as it pops into my mind!  Weird, eh? 

Marthe and I have been working in the garden a lot this past week.  The weather has been so great and we want to make a lot of changes so that next year Marthe will not have so much work to do with the weeding.  She does most of that now, and I do hardly any.  It is difficult for me to get down on my knees and pull weeds.  I used to enjoy that nso much.  But now one of our grandsons is helping when he can.  And tomorrow our daughter #4, Denise, will beable to come by and help.  She enjoys that and has a wonderful garedn of flowers every year, except in winter, of course.

She just announce that she and her husband will be hosting the family “THANKSGIVING DAY” celebration this year!  Does Australia have a Thanksgiving Holiday?  It is a tradition from way back when the Pilgrims first arrived in the New World and shared a feast with the “natives” here and gave thanks for a safe journey and the abundance of crops found here.  The TURKEY is the “meat of the feast” for that celebration.

I would be interested to know if other countries have any similar celebrations.  It is a real “family” affair.  I enjoy it no matter who is trhe host.  It is always a pleasure when all the family gets together.  Which we do even without a holiday.

This year all those families of those miners in Chile will have much to be thankful for, even tho they may not have an official DAY OF THANKSGIVING, as we do.  But now I think I will stop for this time.   I will try to be back again before too long as I rewally do like to write.  I need to learn how to add photos to my blogs.   G’bye for now!



  1. It’s pretty cool you remembered the poem – it’s also windiest in October down here!

    You enjoyed weeding? It is not so bad for us now, because the house we bought came with very good soil, but at my parents house the soil was so hard and clay-y that it was terrible to weed!

    We don’t have Thanksgiving, but we do have Australia day. On 26 January 1788, the first fleet landed in Sydney Cove. We have a public holiday and typically do things like have a bbq and sit around in the sun! Unfortunately over the last few years, it’s become a bit of a day for bogans – some people have taken the sumbol of the southern cross and made it a real ‘love it or leave it’ day, trying to make an issue about immigration and refugees. It’s quite sad really, but I’ve only seen it on the news – I think they even go out looking for people like that to film!

    My family does have it’s own celebration – every Monday night my brothers and I and all of our partners go to my parents house for dinner. We take turns to cook, or sometimes go out to a restaraunt, but it’s great to have that one night a week where you know you will see your family. My husbands family also adopted it once we started living together!

    The miners in Chile was just an amazing story. We did have two miners in Beaconsfield mine who were trapped 1 kilometre underground for two weeks – it stopped the whole country. I was so glad to hear that they got out safely.

    I do hope you find out how to upload photos!

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