Posted by: ottok88 | November 3, 2010

Know what I’ve been thinking?

I have been thinking about our planet EARTH! lately.  All maps show a North and a South.  But there really is no such thing when we picture our planet hanging out there in space…no up or down, no east and west. But we can understand why that is, eh? But sometimes I wonder how the people living “down under” feel about that and how we, living “up north” feel about THAT.  Do the “NORTHERNERS ” feel priviledged? Let’s take a look at a map of the land masses as shown in an atlas.  Now turn it upside down.  Suddenly North America, Europe and Asia are “down under”.  Does that make you feel any differently about yourself?  And those areas that are suddenly “up north”…are they shouting “HOORAY!”?  Does all this affect anyone psychologically?

Is this a stupid subject?  I have no idea why I even thought of it.  Maybe it was a dream one night and all thoughts of it vanished the next morning?  But I am curious to know what others may think?  I would appreciate hearing from anyone out there, even if you tell me how stupid a subject to blog about!!!  I bet tho that my friend “ENNY” in Australia will comment on it, even tho she may not want to ever blog again!???

Hello, Enny, How are you  doing “DOWN” there?  Are you having a beautiful Springtime?  Looking forward to Summer?  Any plans for vacationing? I find that I don’t really know much about Australia.  And that is probably true of most of us “up North.”  It is an interesting place.  I feel as tho I am an explorer.   I’ll blog more, later.  Hello to your husband.  How is it being in your new home?



  1. Otto, you’ve got too much time on your hands! But it is an interesting thing to think about. I don’t think anybody can give you a positive answer. I’ve been to Australia and it is beautiful! It was a funny feeling to be there in October and have the apple trees in blossom!


  2. First of all: No such thing as a stupid question!!!
    Secondly: Never thought about it, however, I would think that wherever you go, there you are, um, I mean, wherever you are, unless you think about it, you don’t “feel” like you are in the north or the south. I wouldn’t think either would feel negatively about “up north” or “down under”.
    That’s what I say.

  3. Hi Otto– it’s so funny that you mentioned this, because Lisa and I were just in Seattle a couple of weeks ago and found this map… check it out! –Joe

  4. Dear UNKILE:
    North, south, east & west are merely conventions that allow one to find one’s way to some place…ON THE EARTH!!!!!!!
    It is much more sophisticated than saying…”Follow this river to a big old tree …then go around the small hill…then follow the sunset…etc.”
    The advanced cultures of the Northern hemisphere discovered that the top of the planet was magnetic…and invented a compass…and this allowed easier ways to find their way over the planet!
    Of course, a compass will not work in space…only on earth!

  5. You think of the most interesting things.. I agree with John, up and down and East and West, etc are just human beings trying to find their way around and make sense of it all…

    However, I love that you think about things is a more abstract way… I have not thought much about it. But, the other day I was driving about noon and really noticed the angle of the sun on the earth.

    How tilted we are in Fall and Winter…. the sun at such a low angle… I sure hope gravity keeps on keeping on…

    I don’t think you are strange for contemplating the effects North or South or Up or Down Under may have on us.. We are all affected every day by where we live… if it was all the same or there was no affect.. I wouldn’t be concerned with having our first snow, maybe tonight…

    Love you …. keep thinking…

  6. You are a philosopher at heart, dear Otto. A philosopher is one who asks the big questions, many of which do not have a single answer, yet to contemplate and ponder them leads to discoveries that have benefited mankind through the ages. Why does the apple fall to the earth? Why is there good and evil? Why is north/up and south/down sometimes given a label of north = good, south = bad. Up = heaven, down = hell. Black? White? Christian? Muslim? Perhaps your question is: why do humans have a need to label things. Yes, to name an abstract concept, like “hot” or “cold” is simple and efficient. Where we get into trouble with labels–it seems to me–is when we add arbitrary, simplistic judgments which equate to “good or bad” to the abstract concept. This is the the central factor in wars, religious conflicts, national conflicts, cultural conflicts. We need labels to communicate but when it comes to many things that divide us, there is no simple “black and white” answer. There are descriptions: his skin is black. But when we decide that all people with black skin are bad, we are not philosophers.
    There are things we might be able to universally agree on, yet many of these are still reason for conflict. I am not advocating a system of situational ethics when I say this.
    Thank God we have been granted the faculty of reason. Though under-used and under-developed, there is still hope that with the use of dialogue, reason, understanding and forgiveness, we can strive for a just society, compassion, love, and–yes–even peace.
    My question for you, as a fellow philosopher. What in your experience prompted you to associate “north” with superior, and “south” with inferior? Let me know, Okay? Otto.

    P.S. I have a new e-mail now.

    So keep on philosophizing, dear uncle.

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