Posted by: ottok88 | November 5, 2010

A Blog about a blog

Yesterday I sent out a blog about an upside down map of our world.  And from some comments it seemed that perhaps I was not too clear in my meaning.  Of course I know and understand about directions and that on our planet, or really anywhere in space they do not exist.  What I was wondering about the upside down map is whether anyone would be bothered by thinking about being down under, after centuries of being on “top of the workd”.  Especially when viewing a globe with all the “Northerners” suddenly ‘pushed’ to a lower position!  I would not be surprised to find many who would object to that as they do about so many unimportant things.

Perhaps it is a concept of little nterest to the majority but I was “just wondering” about the idea that just happened to pop into my head, as so many wierd things do!   Marthe and I often discus odd little ideas and some of them cause us to cosider many other, perhaps more interesting, subjects.  For instance, why should there NOT be life on other planets?  Do they have a story of an Adam and an Eve to explain how they got there?     Anyway, I  threw that out, just for the heck of it.  I bet each of you have many odd questions about wierd subjects, eh?

Would you mind if from time to time I throw some more to you?    Incidentally, John Maks sent me an item about an upside down map actually in print and for sale!!! What think you of that?



  1. As a ‘down under’er, I think I prefer it here! It’s something that we’re often referred to as, it would be weird to think of all the other countries as being the ones ‘down under’.

    I think your questions are very interesting – keep them coming!!

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