Posted by: ottok88 | December 10, 2010

Snow! Cold! Winter!

Does the title say something about the kind of weather we are having?
But it’s not all bad! Two weeks from today will be Christmas Day, and that is always a happy time of year: a time when family and friends get together, a time when memories oF past Christmas’s come to mind, a time for sharing. There is definitely more to Christmas than gifts! Although that is a nice part of it, especially for children. I remember one year in particular when i had asked Santa to bring me a toy fire engine! And when I found one under the tree on Christmas morning, it was a very special thrill, something magical! I can still picture that little fire truck!

I wish that every child on earth could experiemce that kind of Christmas. How sad that there are so very many who never do! There are so very many who would feel blessed to have a good meal, such as we do EVERY DAY!

Maybe I should take a moment now to tell you that I hope,sincerely, that all of you who happen to read this, will have one of the happiest Christmas’s ever…Even all of you “down under”. Now I am wondering if in Australia they celebrate Christmas in the same way that we do???

SO, To all of you, where ever you live, HAVE A MERRY, AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS! (even that little doggie, Zilla)



  1. Zilla says thank you very much! I have bought him a super hairbrush for Christmas (from my husband and I) so that he might stop leaving chihuahua hairs in little tumbleweeds all over our house :o)

    My dad got a bright blue scooter for Christmas one year when he was a child, and he loved it. We noticed it in the rafters of the shed at my Pa’s (his dads) house, so one year my brothers restored it for him as a surprise. Of course he couldn’t ride it, but I think it was one of the bes Christmas’ he’d had as an adult – being able to live that joy all over again.

    Normally my three brothers and I would go to my parents house for breakfast and presents (they have their own tradition where they tell us to come over at a set time, but then they’re never even out of bed and they make us clean up before we do presents!), then our partners would go to their parents for lunch, and we would join our partners and their families for dinner. Now that one of my brothers is also married, it was decided we would have a family dinner on Christmas Eve, spend Christmas day with our partners families, and then go back to my parents at about 4pm for Christmas dinner… it will only be light though, because I think everyone everywhere around the world eats too much for Christmas lunch!

    I hope you and your family have a magical Christmas – fingers crossed that you’ll have a picturesque snowfall on the day!

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