Posted by: ottok88 | December 22, 2010


This is our first FULL day of winter! But it is a mild start! We have a bit of snow from earlier this week, but if the weather stays mild and we do not have any additional snow, we will NOT have a White Christmas. I suppose they NEVER have snow at Christmas time in the southern hemisphere, and never,ever in Australia, do they? After all, this is the start of their summer picnic time and going swimming time and enjoying the warmth of the sun, isn’t it?

Oh, well! We know that springtime will come again to Chicago, and we will start thinking about working in the garden again. But right now, we will handle Christmas. On the 24th we have our annual “family Christmas dinnerfor about 20 of us. Did I mention before that this year, our five daughters are taking care of doing the dinner? For us that’s a great gift. But Marthe, (my wife) wants to do the dessert.

I’m wondering now just how they celebrate Christmas in Australia?
Is it much different than it is I know thatin chere? Do they have special church services, like midnight Mass, or something like that to begin the celebration? I know that in Canada, where Marthe lived, they always have a big family dinner with roast turkey and all that goes with it. Can you imagine sleeping after a big dinner?

I just heard a weather report for the week end. Possibly some light snow for Christmas. If we don’t have a blizzard, it will be fine! and now, in case I do not get back to the computer, I want to say to all the Australians: I hope that you have a wonderful, happy, merry Christmas!



  1. We have had snow at Christmas before, but I don’t think it settled on the ground – we actually had snow near Canberra this week!

    We’ve had a very mild summer so far – it was nice when I left work and got in the car to see it was 34 degrees outside! It does snow around Australia in winter, mainly in Victoria and Tasmania.

    They do have midnight mass, but I’ve never gone. We used to go on Christmas Eve when we were kids, but I haven’t been to church since I was in college. Usually we open presents at mum and dads in the morning to open presents, then have a big cooked lunch – quite often there is prawns and/or leg of ham. We usually do have a nap in the afternoon, especially if it’s warm! And then we sit around and talk about how full we are 😉

    This year we will be sleeping in a little bit, and then go to my husband’s parents house for lunch, and then to my parents house at 4pm for a small dinner. It’s very exciting!

    I hope you have a fantastic dinner – it will be nice to have everyone do the work for you and Marthe 🙂 I hope you collect lots of Christmas memories, and if you don’t update soonish, then I hope you have a fantastic New Years Eve too!

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