Posted by: ottok88 | January 24, 2011


This morning (Monday) I saw on the news that Australia is still fighting flooding! And all we can do is say “That’s terrible!” and really mean it! They are losing so much: lives, homes, land, treasured possessions! But worst of all, lives! We, in the U.S. had better not complain just because we have had so much snow this month! And that did not come all at once either!

Even tho the flooding did not reach other states, it is a bad occurence! I pray that it will end almost immediately, and not spread! There is just too much happening all around our planet lately. Should we blame it all on “GLOBAL WARMING”? What about snows heavier than usual? and bitter cold? and earthquakes? violent damaging winds? And of course there is all the fighting in countries all over the world too. And that is something us humans COULD avoid! Right?

Then there is OPRAH. I’m sure she is kown well in Australia too. She recently took her entire audience of one day, on a trip to the Land Down Under! We saw part of the tour on her show last week and it was quite interesting. She took them on a trip thru the OUTBACK. We don’t often see views of that area. It makes me want to know more and see more of that. I need to go to the library and get a book on the history of Australia. I am pretty sure that most of us Americans don’t know much about Australia.

Am I writing too much? Okay, I will STOP! G’bye for now. Hope you h.are all well! Keep in touch.



  1. Hi there!

    The floods have been pretty crazy – one of my friends posted this link on their facebook page – you scroll over the pictures to see the before and after shots – it’s just amazing:

    I’m travelling up to Brisbane on Thursday, but I drive straight out to Maroochydore, which is about an hour away and wasn’t affected too much. People in my team at work were working in Brisbane and they had to stay home for three days, they’re still only now getting back in to their offices, and the air conditioning only started working in our Brisbane office yesterday (not so great for a Brisbane summer!).

    Some of the footage on the news has been heartbreaking – I can’t even imagine coming all the way up to the roof of the house. And there’s been so many sad stories. The pregnancy hormones also seem to have made all of the stories about animals make me cry.

    We have had drought for so many years, and then we’ve had pretty consistent rain of late – it was raining for almost a month before the floods happened. Plus because they were saving water in the dams because of the drought, they didn’t want to empty them too much, and then when all the rain came the dams filled up very full, very quickly!

    I missed the Oprah special here too – they showed four episodes over four nights! One of the girls in my team at work got to go – she said it was very hot waiting outside for their tickets, but that they were treated very well.

    I hope the weather is nicer for you shortly!

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