Posted by: ottok88 | February 10, 2011


Well, not exactly the “END” of winter!  But this coming week will see a rise in temperatures!  Last night it got down to 9 below zero and that would be about 20 or 30 below in other parts of the world!  So, no surprise that we are anxious for SPRING!  Even Niko doesn’t want to go out, but if he does go out he is back in 2 minutes!

But we really should not complain about our weather, even tho we are still in mounds of snow that have not melted below less than 12 to 15 inches!  That is above Niko’s head!  I was checking on the weather in Australia and it certainly doesn’t sound good!  Too much rain and flooding.   A friend of ours E-mailed some videos of flash flooding, in Queensland I believe, and it is scarey!  It shows cars being swept away and floating with the current!  Things like that ought not happen!  We feel so sorry for the people involved!  And here we sit complaining about a little cold and snow. 

But we DID have a record total amount of snow this winter and we don’t really know what else is in store for us! It might be worse than anything we have yet experienced?????????   But let’s just hope for the best, and maybe pray a little bit too. eh?



  1. I don’t want it to get too warm there because it will start to get colder here! 😉

    It’s been a crazy couple of months of weather down here. Hopefully the worst of it is over, but we’ve had drought, rain, floods, some snow, the winds and now bushfires over in Perth.

    Are the stores getting ready for Easter? Hot cross buns have been available for a month or so now – I love them!

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