Posted by: ottok88 | June 9, 2011

Especially for Australia!

HELLO DOWN UNDER!  We are still alive in CHICAGO! It has been months since I blogged.  It is only that as I get older, I get lazier!  But I don’t want age to stop me!  I haven’t forgotten you folks down there and I wonder how you are doing?  How many more months (or is it now weeks?) to wait for the new little one?

I know that you are getting ready to greet WINTER again! And that probably does not make you happy, right? We just had a few days of unseasonably hot, hot, days.  But last night it all changed.  A big storm came along bringing colder air from the north and dropped our temperatures about 30 degrees overnight!

We celebrated my 90th birthday yesterday by taking our nieces and nephews out for a special breakfast at a nearby restaurant.  YES!  we treated them!  Usually when we get together like that once a month we each pay for our own. It made me happy to do this and helped to make my birthday SPECIAL.  And on Sunday we will take our kids and grand-children out for dinner to continue the celebration.  It is a very special birthday this year and if you were here we would invite you to join us.  We are going to a German restaurant.  Did you ever have German food ?

Well, Erin and Daniel, (Do I remember the names correctly?) I will stop here.  If you want to respond, we will be happy to hear from you.  Keep us informed about the baby, okay?



One time



  1. I am so glad that you updated – I was beginning to get worried!!!

    Happy belated 90th birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely time out with the family and that the party keeps on going! I don’t think I ever have had german food – or maybe I have, but I haven’t gone out to a german restaraunt! You’ll have to let us know what type of things you had to eat 🙂

    Everything is going well with the baby so far – she is due in just under 5 weeks now (!) and I had my last day at work yesterday. It was a bit sad because I work with a lot of lovely people, but it’s good because I still have a lot of organising to do at home and I’ve been dizzy all morning (and better that happens at home than at work!).

    We’ve had a few cold weeks now – it’s getting down to about minus four degrees over night, and tops of only 10 or 12. I do miss summer – can’t wait for it to hurry up and roll around for us again!!

    We will keep you informed about the baby!

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