Posted by: ottok88 | June 26, 2011


Yes, it is summertime!  But what happened to spring?  We had cold, we had hot, we had snow, we had rain storms, we had wind storms, and, yes, we had a little bit of SPRING!  We should have real summer by July 4th, our Independence Day!  So we shall have to wait and see if Summer really arrives by then.

It will be winter in Australia!  Is that a good time to have a baby?  Our 5th daughter arrived during a real wintery blizzard in January!   It was so bad, I couldn’t  drive Marthe to the hospital!  I stayed home with the other 4 daughters while an amblance took my wife.  That was 45 years ago!  It is sometimes quite surprising to think about the problems that we can get through, isn’t it? I often sit back now and think about the past and mostly about the happy times.  It is a blessing that we can forget the trouble times.  They pass too.

Today was a really perfect day!   Blue, blue sky, plenty of sunshine, and not humid.  Many people are saying that they would like to have this everyday all summer!  But I am sure they would get tired of it after a while, don’t you think so?  They would cry for rain, once a week.  Or maybe get tired of the sunshine, complain that it is really too hot, or wish that it would be a little bit warmer!  Never satisfied!  I wonder if the Australians are like that, too?   OH, Marthe is saying dinner is ready.  And because I am hungry, I will stop now.



  1. I don’t think winter is a good time to have a baby! That said, at least I can stay inside and have the heater running all day for a few months while she is still young and new, but it’s so cold! It was -4 degrees this morning, but it has been a lovely day with a clear blue sky, it did get up to about 15 degrees!

    We don’t get that sort of blizzardy weather here, but the snow has fallen on the mountains and the ski fields, so we are getting that icy wind – I can’t believe it’s only the first month of winter, so many months to go!!

    We are the same with the weather – quite often in winter we complain of the cold, but as soon as it starts to warm up we complain that it wasn’t that cold at all!

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