Posted by: ottok88 | August 6, 2011


GREETINGS TO AUSTRALIA!!!   to our friends “down under”.   Hello Erin and Daniel!  Any news yet?  Is there a new Australian citizen?   Isn’t this about the time she was to make her debut?  I will watch for the news!  

I haven’t posted a blog for a while. I will have to say it is because I have not been feeling well and also I have been lazy with the heat we have had.  But, now, the temperatures have become more normal for summer! And that makes me feel better too. It helps Marthe to perk up as well.

Is your weather showing any signs of SPRING?  We do not hear much about the weather down there, unless it is very, very bad. We have had much heat, much rain, and flooding, mostly south of Chicago. We were so lucky.  However, we did have one very violent thunder storm.  The rain poured for about 4 hours  without stopping.  And the lightening was constant along with the thunder. There was much flooding in some areas  We did not have any damage, maybe our gaurdian angels were looking over us.  It was frightening!  But we are all safe, thank God!

Now,  Maybe I have “talked”  enough for this time.  Hope all is well with all of you.  We will be waiting for NEWS!          Otto and Marthe



  1. Our baby has arrived!!! Eva Elise Madeliene arrived on the 7th of July, just after 5:30 in the afternoon. She was 3.220 kg and 51cm long. She’s very cute 😉

    I’m glad the weather has picked up for you – two weeks ago it was bitterly cold, apparent temperatures of -8 at 10am in the morning, the coldest July days on record. And then this week just gone, we had a few days where it ranged from 6 – 21 degrees, the warmest August days on record! Unfortunately, we’re about to head back in to colder weather… I can’t wait for winter to be gone!

    Flooding seems to be all over the world this year…

    Hope you do update again soon!

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