Posted by: ottok88 | December 1, 2011

A NEW MONTH—hooray!

I have not forgotten any of you!  It is just that for most of October I was in the hospital with pneumonia and all of November I was going to REHAB for exercise.  It was a bad couple of months and I missed all of my favorite time of the year…AUTUMN!  But enough of that.  I am home and feeling better again and hope to stay that way.

I have been thinking a lot about the new baby in Australia.  How is little Eva Elise Madeleine? and how are her parents?  Aren’t little girs wonderful?  It brings back some great memories of when our 5 daughters were little.  It was a lot of work and sleepless nights, but the happy times we had with them was very much worth it.  Enjoy your little girl.

Just a week ago we were celebrating our big American THANKSGIVING DAY with a turkey dinner and all of our family was there (at the home of our daughter #4). (We were all happy that I was home from the hospital.  Does Australia celebrate any kind of Thanksgiving Holiday?  Now our next big one will be Christmas Day and once again together with all of our family!  It would seem so strange to us to celebrate Christmas in the summertime!

We have not had any snow yet, but they say we may have some this coming week.  I always like seeing the FIRST real snowfall of the year.  After that I becme eager for springtime.  And then January if likely to be the coldest month of the year!

But now I will just say enjoy your summertime AND your baby.  I will BLOG again, if you don’t mind!



  1. I’m glad to hear you are back home and feeling well – I hope that rehab wasn’t too bad? You’ll be home just in time for the really cold weather, it seems! I hope you get your first snow soon!!

    Eva is doing well, they found she has hip dysplasia in her right hip, so she has been in a pavlic harness for almost a month – here is a picture of one (it’s not her):

    We have had some broken sleep with her waking up every three hours to feed, but last night she had two five hour blocks of sleep, which was nice! I am hoping it sticks 🙂

    We don’t have thanksgiving, but my brother’s friend’s fiance is here from America and they had a thanksgiving party – they had pumpkin pie and turkey, in the warm weather! It looks like it was lots of fun.

    It is cool here again at the moment – there is cold wind blowing up from Tasmania. It was cold while I was feeding the baby at around 7am today, I had a look and the apparent temperature was only 2.3 degrees!!

    If you don’t blog again before Christmas, I hope you and your family have a lovely time!!!!

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