Posted by: ottok88 | December 25, 2011


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Am I a bit late?  It is probably Monday now in Australia, isn’t it?  But I hope your Holiday was a happy one, especially now with  Eva Elise there. And how is she doing?  What do the doctors say about her condition?

Here it is Sunday,  Christmas Day at 5 PM.  We had our celebration last night with our kids and grandchildren. There were 20 of us here for Christmas dinner. It is always so nice to get together with the kids.

 One of our granddaughters received a diamond ring from her boyfriend, So now she is the first grandchild to become engaged.  There are no wedding plans yet.  But they have time … She is only 27 years old.  I have been hoping to become a great-grand-father but I have nothing to say about that.

Now that Christmas is over we look forward to spring and warmer weather.   I am certain, however that we will have plenty of cold weather coming in the next couple of months.  And perhaps a lot of snow too!  We had NO SNOW for this holiday! No “WHITE CHRISTMAS” this year.  So now you are getting into summer down there!  I imagine you are happy about that!  It will be nice for the two of you to go outdoors with your little girl.

Let us know how she is doing?   We do not know much about that illness.  I should check on google to find out more about it.  In the meantime my wife Marthe says to tell you “JOYEUX NOEL”  which is French for Joyous Christmas!



  1. Merry Christmas!!

    Congratulations to your great-grandaughter, how exciting! We were 27 when we got married, it’s a good age! 20 people for Christmas meal must have been pretty special. We had lunch with my family (us, my parents, my three brothers, my sister in law, my future sister in law and my other brother’s girlfriend) then we had dinner with my husbands family (his parents, his sister and his sisters boyfriend). I think it was my favourite Christmas yet – it was so nice to spend time with family and to see the thought that people had put in to gifts for us, and to see them excited at the gifts we bought them!

    Eva is doing well. Basically, her right hip socket isn’t completely round – her thigh bone should sit in the socket like a ball in a cap, with 50% of the bone being covered by the hip. Last week, the scan showed that 46-48% of the hip was covered, and when they first found it 6 weeks ago, only 45% was covered. They expect she should be able to come out of the harness in February (we have an xray on the 20th), otherwise she’ll need to have a different harness just for night for a month or so, or they’ll need to see about surgery.

    We were allowed to give her a bath on Christmas Eve though – she loved it! It was also interesting to see how long she is when she is out of the harness and able to stretch her legs out.

    We had had a lot of rain here – the wettest December in 50 years! It has rained at least a little bit almost every day. So we are hoping that we have hot weather in 2012! New Years Eve is this Saturday, so we will have some friends over for a barbecue. It is meant to be sunny and 27, so I hope it is!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Years Eve!!!

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