Posted by: ottok88 | January 10, 2012


Yes!  the past few  weeks did seem like summer.  We could believe (or almost believe) that we are in Australia!  And  speaking of Australia, how is little Eva Elise doing?   And how are the parents?    We hope all is well with you.  

I have been somewhat lazy since Christmas and have not been on the computer much.  But that does not mean we forgot about those we write to….One of our grand-daughters said recently that she has a friend who reads our postlads md gings.  But she never comments on them and I wish thst she would.  i would enjoy comments from others all over this planet. 

I am happy to hear from Australia. I have learned much from you,Erin.  One of these days, I plan to get  a book from the library on the history nof the “Land Down Under”.  But, now, I will say G’bye.  We went out for dinner withe friends and just now came home.  And I am TIRED!  Good night!  



  1. I read all the time! I have been reading your Granddaughter’s blog for years now, and she directed me here:-)

    Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere that fancy (Boston…and I am from Chicago:-)) and I don’t comment much, but I always read!

  2. Hello!

    We have not had very summery weather here still. We did have a week or so of nice and hot 20+ weather, but then one night last week it got down to 1.8 degrees overnight! I woke up to feed Eva and was really cold, but just though I must have been oversensitive – I was still in my summer pyjama’s and it was as cold as winter!

    We just went to visit Daniel’s grandparents in Batemans Bay – it’s almost 2 hours drive from Canberra and at the beach. Although, it wasn’t more than 19 degrees the whole time we were there, so we went for a walk on the golf course with Daniel’s granny and her friends instead. They were very happy to spend time with Eva too.

    Eva is doing well – hopefully she will be out of her harness on the 24th of February – we will have to see. My brother’s wife is having a baby too – she is due on the 15th of February but I think the baby will come early – she is quite small and her belly is quite big!

    Eva got her first teeth on the 3rd of January – she wasn’t sleeping well and was very whingy, then the next day her two bottom teeth were there! We’re still waiting for her sleep to get better, but she has her 6 month needles next week, so it might still be some time away.

    I think its great that you do update, and you probably have more readers than you realise!!

    I do hope you write again soon.

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