Posted by: ottok88 | February 11, 2012


Chicago has had such a mild autumn and winter (so far) with very little snow!   But this morning we woke up to a few inches of snow and about 10 degrees (that is American degrees).    But the sun is shining now!  This could last another day or two, then it  will be warmer again with temperatures in the 4o’s, very much like spring.   But I suppose we should not complain.  We could still have big blizzard weather with a foot or two or more of snow!  It has happened in some years, even as late as March.

Does Australia ever have that much snow?  You are still in summertime down there, aren’t you?  Picnics and swimming in the warm ocean? We are not near any ocean, but close to Lake Michigan.  But I won’t be going swimming there anymore.  I don’t have the energy that I used to have.

How is your little girl doing?  She is 7 months old already!  That is more than a half year!   Before you know she will celebrate her first birthday!  Then it will be winter down there!   Maybe I should not remind you of winter.  But Remember that SPRING comes again too!  We are looking forward to THAT!.     That is a nice time of year, isn’t it?    But all I think about lately is getting older and older!  However I am still able to be up and walk around, and that is something to be thankful for.  Do you agree?   And I feel good about having friends in Australia.

Now I see that I have written quite enough.  I will write again, if you don’t mind.  Okay?







  1. Unless I googled wrong, 10 American degrees doesn’t seem too cold? 😉 We do get snow – a fair amount in Tasmania, and we get it in the Snowy Mountains (pretty apt name!)

    We have had a very poor excuse of a summer, only a few hot days. We have been to the beach a few times but it has never been hot enough to go in the water! There have been a few warmish nights, but we can’t go outside much at our house because of all of the stupid mosquitos – our neighbours have done a lot of paving in their backyard and have a pond with no fish in it, so it is like a mosquito breeding ground. Even putting out citronella candles makes no difference!

    She will be one year old soon! We have an xray next week for her hip, so hopefully she will be out of her harness then, and will start rolling and crawling and all those scary things. It is true that winter is coming, but I am meant to start work again in August! I just won a new job, which is good and exciting, but scary – I’m not sure if I will try to go back full time or part time. It is hard to get daycare here, and I don’t know if I want her in daycare… I am in denial! On the plus side, once we get through winter and spring, it will be Christmas again – how exciting 🙂

    I am looking at booking a holiday for my husband and our baby, for a week. We were thinking of maybe going to Tasmania, but I am looking at New Zealand now… might do some more research!

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