Posted by: ottok88 | March 17, 2012


There is SO much that I do not nknow about the computer!  Every now and then I can’t find I can’t find the link to write a blog!  That is why I have not written,   But this marning I called daughter #3 for help and she guided me and here I am.  I am not dead yet!  HOORAY!

However, I must admit that I feel that I am getting lazier every day.  Or maybe I could say more fatigued,eh?  That sounds better than LAZIER.

We have had such a mild winter this year.  No cold, cold, days and very little snow.  Now, even before the first day of spring we have summer!  We have had now several days of 80 degrees!!!  (That is equaL TO ABOUT 26 IN OTHER COUNTRIES.)  We are hoping that it does not continue to just get warmer and warmer and warmer!

Now here’s a word for me Aystralian friends:  How are you and how is the baby doing?  I think about her frequently and hope to hear that she is imp[roving!  Let me know how all of you are doing?  And how is the weather down there?  I hope your autumn will be beautiful!

Now I wi8ll stop , but will try to fiond time and energy to write more later.  KEEP AMILING!

Your American friends Otto and wife Marthe



  1. I am glad you got the website sorted and that you have updated!

    I hope we get a mild winter too – though we’ve already had cooler weather. We had a quote for gas heating to be put in to our house, I think I will book it tomorrow – I wore a jumper and trackpants and socks all day, and that is not normal for the first few weeks of autumn! It has been a while since we have reached the high 20s here – I think it was meant to be a top of 22 today, and it was really windy and miserable.

    We are doing very well! Eva got her harness taken off on the 22nd of February, so she is getting close to being out of it for a month now! She is gettig much quicker at rolling on to her belly (I haven’t seen her roll back yet though) and I saw her trying to pull herself up to stand today! I do think it will be some time off. She is still very happy most of the time.

    My sister in law had a baby three weeks ago – a beautiful baby girl named Isla. It is funny to look at her and remember that our baby was so small once!

    We travelled up to Sydney last weekend to see Bon Iver play a concert at the Opera House. It was the second concert I have seen there (and I also saw a concert played just outside of it once!) – it really is an amazing building on the inside too.

    We have booked a holiday to go to visit Palm Cove next month to celebrate our birthdays. We decided we would like to go somewhere warm, and because Eva was out of her brace it would be nice to take her somewhere with a pool. Also, it starts to snow more in New Zealand in April, so that would have been hard to drive, in case we got stuck!

    I hope you are all keeping healthy and well, and that you update again soon 🙂

  2. Keep on blogging, Gramps!

  3. Dear Gramps,

    I’m so impressed that you blog! My own dad (not even my grandad) has only recently located the ‘on’ switch on his laptop by himself – he used to need it to be switched on before he could use it. He’s 58 and you really put him to shame.

    I live in England and we too have had a pretty mild winter and have been having really hot weather recently. Unfortunately this last week has reminded us that the winter isn’t over yet and it’s been snowing! Just so you know – wearing flip-flips in the snow is not something I’d advise (or ever do again!). My parents tell me I’m terrible at weather-appropriate dressing.

    Keep blogging!

    Love Jen (Granddaughter Jenn’s friend from England)

    • A BIG HELLO TO JENN’S FRIEND JEN IN ENGLAND! I was so pleased to read your comment the other day! Now I am commenting on your comment!
      What a surprise it was to “hear” from England! I have regular comments from Australia and now ENGLAND! WOW! I would love to get notes from anywhere around the globe! Where do you live in England?

      I will be watching for more comments from Jenn’s friend, Jen! Thanks!

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