Posted by: ottok88 | April 15, 2012


It seems as though we have had spring almost all of winter until now.  We had very little snow and very little winter-like temperatures.  We should not complain about that, because we saved on the heating bills!  But real spring finally arrived and all the spring flowers have bloomed early and faded!  Now we wait for summer blooms, like roses!

I know that those of you in Australia are getting closer and closer now to winter.  But cheer up!  Spring always follows winter!  And how is that little baby, Eva?  Before we realize it she will be one year old!  Sometimes I look at our five daughters and think back to when they were little.  All of a sudden they made GRANDPARENTS of their parents!  But it is great to be “Gramps”.  I was hoping that I would become a “great” Gramps!  but it seems that will not happen.

But I will not complain.  I have had a happy life and will enjoy the kids and grand kids and friends and those of you who comment on my blogs.  It IS a wonderful life!  I will continue blogging as long as I can, if you let me!




  1. Hello!

    We did just have a LOVELY week of weather here too – a warm streak of close to 30 degrees, it beat the pants off summer. Of course, this would be because we got our heating installed and so the weather likes to tease us 😉

    The flowers sound lovely. Are you able to post pictures of your flowers? We do still have some roses blooming out the front of our house – I don’t think they will last for very long.

    I was making soup last night and commented how I couldn’t believe it was already back to the time of year where we eat soup. But, it’s true, then Spring will follow soon.

    Eva will be 1 year old in less than three months! It’s madness! I will have to work out what I will buy her for her birthday 🙂 She has started to crawl a bit too, but she will only do it to grab the tv remote or to knock over a tower of stacking cups. She has changed so much since you last blogged, so I dread to think that she could be moving so much more before your next post!

    You could still be come a great grandpa! I wish that my Pa had been able to meet Eva – we named her after my Pa’s wife. Now, we call my dad ‘Pa’ and he loves to see her – he just lights up. Do they call you ‘Gramps’? We call my husband’s dad ‘Grumpa’ because he is grumpy – he likes that too!

    Did you celebrate Easter? We had a low key one and played boardgames with my husbands family. We had sushi and dumplings, and I made chocolate brownies.

    I hope you keep well and hope to hear from you again soon!

  2. There’s still time, Gramps! And though you might not have any great-grandchildren (we’re all GREAT grandchildren, aren’t we?) you do have some great-grand dogs and cats 🙂

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