Posted by: ottok88 | May 21, 2012


We can blog again!  Our computer has been “sick” for a while.   But our son-in-law Marty made it well again. I think It could be MY FAULT when something goes wrong.  I accidentally click at the wrong time and lose my way in “blogland”!   When THAT happens I usually call one of our daughters and BINGO! I am on my way again. Maybe I shouldn’t be a blogger.  But I like hearing from Australia and anywhere in the world.

Speaking of Australia, hello Erin and Daniel! how are you folks “down under”?   How is little Eva doing?  Would you send a picture of her…Or a picture of your little family?  Are you getting into winter again?  We have had a real taste of summer the past two days with temperatures up to 93 U.S. degrees!  THAT IS HOT!  But today it is more like May again with 60 degrees.  What a relief! But only one more month and we will be in summer, with autumn not far away!

We had a bit of sadness over the weekend.  Our daughter Louise had a wonderful, friendly little dog named DAISY.  She was about 17 years old and ailing.  And yesterday, she died.  We knew she was near to that, but it is sad when it happens.  Did you ever tell me whether you have a dog or any pet? How about a pet Koala?  Or is there a law against keeping one as a pet?  We think they would be a really cute pet!  But no animal is as cute as our little dog, NIKO!.

I just had a phone call from daughter, Michelle, and talked about 12 minutes or so.  Now, I am tired of sitting at the computer.  I must be getting old, eh? In a few weeks I will add another year to my age!  So I will say G’day and hope you will respond.  We send greetings to all your family and friends.

from Otto and Marthe and Niko



  1. Welcome back to Blogland, Gramps! (P.S. Seattle says hello!)

  2. Hello!

    My dad has my three brothers on call for whenever something happens with his computer – every time my brother visits from Wagga, he has to put in a few hours of computer fixing time, or to set up something new he has bought to try to make it all work better!

    Eva is doing very well – she is commando crawling, and with do a proper crawl when she wants to reach something a bit higher. She is also sitting up on her knees which is very cute, and on Sunday she pulled herself up to a standing position (to get the remote off the coffee table!). She had her baptism on Sunday, at the church where my husband and I were both baptised, which is attached to the primary school we both went to! She was very well behaved, but because she was older than the two other babies that were also being baptised she was squirmier and noisier, and tried to drink the water as the priest was pouring it over her head! We had our friends and family come to our house afterwards and we had a barbecue lunch and chocolate mud cake. She was very spoilt with gifts, and she is a very lucky girl to have so many people that care for her.

    I would love to post a picture, but I don’t think I can post it in the comments. I have lots of pictures of her on my facebook page… or I could send you an email? I will have a look at how I can show you a picture…

    We are getting in to winter – the frost has started and the cold wind is coming off the Blue Mountains again. Daniel’s grandparents came to visit from Batemans Bay and they said you can really feel the cold here a lot more – even though Batemans Bay is less than two hours away!

    We are going to the coast this weekend with some of our friends – one of their sets of parents bought a cabin at Lake Tabourie, so that should be nice. It won’t be warm, but it is always nice to go for a drive and get away from the house.

    I am very sorry to hear the news about Daisy. 17 years is a good long life for a dog, but it is always so sad when you lose a pet. We have got two dogs – a chihuahua called Zilla and a Miniature Pinscher crossed with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Grace. We also have two cockatiels named Seymour and Tesla. I would love to see a picture of Niko!

    I don’t think you can have a koala as a pet! I had a look on the internet, and they are protected, but not endangered. There are lots of them in zoos here, but they are very cute. We saw a lot of them in the Cairns Zoo – they had a special maternity section for the pregnant ones! They sleep for something like 22 hours each day. They have got sharp claws too! Have you seen one before?

    How old will you be turning on your birthday? I hope you have a great day!!

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