Posted by: ottok88 | June 11, 2012


Hooray!  At last I have enough energy to sit and write a blog!

I just passed my 91st birthday and everyone tells me that it is quite an accomplishnent.  Well maybe it is, but it is not MY doing!  Anyway, here I am, but still a bit tired.  We will blame it on the condition of my heart!  The doctor said it is beginning to wear out and getting weaker.  So, I just need to slow down a bit also.

But how are all of you where ever nyou are?  Right now, I am trhinking of our friends in Australia.  How is baby Eva doing?  Soon she will be ONE YEAR OLD!  Good for her.  This is an exciting time of her life for her parents as she develops, taking first steps, saying words, or what sounds like words, and giving big smiles.  We remember all those little things, for a long time

I hope I get some comments on this.  I will write more later. 



  1. It looks like the font is white on this post. For anyone reading, highlight the text as if you were going to copy/paste it to view it.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! What date was it on? Did you do something special? 🙂

    Baby Eva is doing very well. Her birthday is on a Saturday, so we are going to have a party with some family and friends – but now I need to work out what to do at a childrens party! And what type of cake I should make! I also need to have a think about what we will give her as a gift. I think it will be a big day!

    She is crawling a lot now, and she likes to stand up when she is holding on to things like the coffee table, our pant legs, even on one of the dogs! She says ‘bub’, ‘dad’, ‘mum’ and ‘nan’, but we think ‘nan’ is actually meant to be ‘no’ 🙂 She did let go of the table the other day and stand for a second or two by herself, which was pretty exciting!

    We had a few cold mornings this week too – it got down to -5! When Eva woke up at 8am, I looked at the weather and it was -3, but with the winds it felt like -6…. very glad to be inside with the heating.

  3. Happy birthday:-) And take it easy…make sure you take care of yourself and don’t over-do it!!!

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