Posted by: ottok88 | June 12, 2012


Here I am, AGAIN!  Maybe I’ll have a little more to say,  more than yesterday.  And weather is always a good subject.  Maybe that is because there is such a variety of the stuff.  Yesterday it was hot and humid with temperatures as high as 93 U.S.egrees (that is about 35 in the rest of the world).  Today is about 10 welcome degrees cooler. What a welcome change! About 2 more weeks until summer!

We are hoping for really nice weather for this coming Sunday because our kids are planning a big celebration, and we all would like it to be held outdoors in our back yard!  It is National Father’s Day as well as the day they chose to celebrate  my birthday, which was a few days ago.

So our 5 daughters, their husbands and our 7 grandchildren will all be here to celebrate!  But that’s okay because I like having the family together ONCE IN A WHILE!  At age 91, I don’t know how much longer I will be around!?

Next week, my wife, Marthe, will be going to visit her family in Canada for a week.  She has not been there for 3 or 4 years, so it will be good for her to take a break from taking care of ME, her old  man husband.  She worries about me being home alone, but next week I am going to stay in a kind of place , not a hospital, but a place where there is always somebody around, including medical help.  It is only for one week. I know the kids would keep an eye on me, but, they  have jobs and families to care for, so this is the best arrangement!

But, I know I will be happy when Marthe is home again with me and our lives are back to quiet.  At least it will be like that until th FOURTH of JULY which is our Independence Day celebration and THAT is a BIG one! Do other countries celebrate as much as Americans do?   I wonder????

And now, I think I wrote enough.  I am afraid that I have  already tired you out. Sorry!Next time I will try to control myself

G’bye for now.



  1. Wow!! I like it when you post often!!!

    35 degrees sounds LOVELY. I think we had a top of 13 yesterday – I think that’s 55?

    Do you have a big backyard? I love sitting around outdoors at my parents house. Over the years they expanded the house and have been working on the yard. They just put in a pizza oven and a big BBQ and a fireplace, then this summer they put up a cover with a fan and a heater and lights, so now we can go sit out there whatever the weather! Homemade pizza in the pizza oven tastes fantastic – they do a really nice one with just potato, rosemary and seasalt – I could eat a whole one!!

    Fathers Day is the second Sunday in September here – I wonder whey they are at different times of year?

    Have you been to stay at the place you are going before? It is probably reassuring to have medical staff there all the time. Hopefully it feels like a mini holiday, and then it is only a week before Marthe is back! Plus, I’m sure she’ll have stories about the family so that will be entertaining 🙂

    Are you doing anything exciting for 4th of July? We don’t celebrate it, but my brothers best friends fiance is from Boston, and they have a party each year. They are actually going back over to get married in Boston in September, and my dad and mum are going too. My dad loves Elvis, and always has, so he is finally going to get to see Gracelands!!! Have you been there? Have you travelled to lots of places in the US?

    Hope you write again soon!

  2. I wonder where the word “miscellaneous” came from? 🙂

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