Posted by: ottok88 | June 18, 2012


YES, in a few days, summer will begin, officially!  And today we will get a good taste of it with temperatures around 94 (that’s about 34 elsewhere}. But autumn always follows!

And other news today is that Marthe is leaving to visit her family in Canada.  She has not been ther for 3 or 4 years!  Anyway she really need some time off, after caring for her OLD, almost ancient) husband for so long.  And   so she will not have to worry about me I am going to spend a week in a kind of rest home.And our kids will not need to take time off from their jobs to keep an eye on “Daddy”

At that HOME that I am going to I will have many people to watch over me.   I will have a private room and meals prepared for me  and served to me and There will be snacks and many new people to meet and talk with, and letters to write and things to read and, and, and,  well, you get the idea,eh?  And I enjoy doing ALL those things.

And tell EVA I saId Hello.  She has a birthday coming up, right?

Bye for now.



  1. Another quick post! How exciting!

    It sounds like everyone is getting ready for a mini-break. I hope that Marthe has a wonderful time – I’m sure everyone will be super happy to see her after a few years! Is it a long flight? In my head, Canada would be AGES away, but it’s probably not too bad.

    You will have to report back and let us know how your break was too. Did they have any pets there? I saw a show on tv about a dog that lived in a similar home and it was really, really fat. They had signs up in the dining areas asking people to please not feed scraps to the dog, but when they followed him around, he would go from room to room in the same order everyday, and most people would give him a biscuit! Then he would be so full, he would just sleep in the sun or on peoples laps all day! You will have to find out if any other people blog there too 🙂

    Eva is turning one on the 7th of next month. We are going to the doctor today because she has a cold and/or an ear infection. She is still pretty happy, but she is all blocked up and keeps rubbing her ears. Hopefully it is nothing (although she has given me a sore throat and runny nose now!).

    Hope to hear from you again once you’re back home 🙂

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