Posted by: ottok88 | July 4, 2012


Today, July 4th, America’s birthday!  A day of celebrations with family and friends and children of all ages!  Picnics, cook-outs, fireworks, laughter all around.  A real holiday!

And the birthday of son-in-law, Marty.  So our daughter took us out for breakfast, together with our grand-children. Very enjoyable, but I  am happy to be back home.  Actually, I am very tired.  I can’t take all that activity any more!  Ami too old or something?

Of course, the heat of today does not help.  Right now , at rwo p.m. it is about 97 degrees!  (that is like 35 in the rest of the world!)

At this time I want to say to EVA,  HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little one!  In a couple of days you will be One year old! I hope all the years to come will be happy ones for you!  And also happy ones for your Mommy and Daddy!

I will write more, later.  Right now, I need to rest!



  1. Don’t feel bad about being tired gramps. I took a two-hour nap today. I blame the heat!

  2. Thank you for your birthday wishes!!! We are hoping to have a lovely birthday on Saturday 🙂 We have about 50 people coming over, so I am going to need to do some tidying and cake making tomorrow, as well as finishing wrapping her presents – even though I’m sure she will enjoy the wrapping paper more than the actual gift 🙂

    The heat sounds lovely, but draining. It was -8 degrees here the other morning (SO COLD!), so I am a bit jealous.

    Breakfast sounds lovely, and from what I’ve seen on the internet, 4th of July celebrations look like a lot of fun!!

    I hope you got a nap in some air-conditioning?!

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