Posted by: ottok88 | July 23, 2012


The entire Midwest section of the U.S. (including Chicago) is experiencing a record breaking hot summer! With temperatures in the 90’s too much of the time!  That is 34-35 or swo in the resat of the world.  And right now I am wondering how the winter is going in Australia?  That is where friends Erin and Daniel live!   So,  how are all of you doing down under?  How is Eva?

 I have been quite lazy lately.  And when I talked to the doctor about being so fatigued,  he started giving me vitamin B-12 shots.  I will be getting a shot once a month for life!  Did I tell you this already?  I didn’t mean to repeat it.

Last week we borrowed a movie from the Library (no charge), and it was an Australian movie called “Rabbit-proof Fence”  It was based on a true story of 3 half-caste aboriginal girls who  in 1931, were taken from their families and forced to become “English”. After a while, they escaped and walked many miles to find their way home aqgain.  Later, the athorities caught up with them again and took them back, but they escaped again.  According to the movie, it was a happy ending.  Interesating movie.  have you ever heard about that incident?   It reminded of how the early “athorities treated the “native americans”!

Do you go to the movies very often?  Are there many American-made movies shown in Australia?  We don’t  go out to see movies any more.  There are so many shown on TV and we can borrow  some older ones from the library!  I think I am just ntoo old to be running out to the theater now.  And besides, it costs  a bit for a ticket.  AND IT IS MORE COMFORTABLE AT HOME!

Now Marthe is telling me that lunch is ready. And I AM hungry, so I’ll say G’bye for this time.





  1. That sounds lovely and warm!! I hope we get a summer like that here 🙂 Our winter has been quite good – a few weeks ago we had the coldest average minimum week ever recorded – the average minimum was -5 (I think that is 23 degrees?). The daffodils and Camelia have started flowering at our house, so I was hoping it would be warm now – but we are yet to see any snow on the mountains, so I think it will be colder for a while!

    Eva is good – she had her first birthday the other weekend and it went well. It was still frosty outside at 11am though! She cried when she woke up from her nap and found the house full of people, but she warmed up to it after a while. She has mild croup at the moment, so is coughing in the evenings and morning, but the doctor said to keep the house warm and she should be fine (so now we can have the heater on higher at night! Hooray!!).

    I have a friend who gets B12 needles too – she was amazed at what a difference it made for her. Have you noticed a difference? B12 is funny – the only place you can get it is from animal products!

    I haven’t seen Rabbit Proof Fence, but there was a lot of press about it when it came out. There is a lot of sadness around the Indigenous Australians and how they are treated, but there doesn’t seem to be a clear ‘answer’. I have a friend who worked in the middle of the dessert as part of the ‘Indigenous Intervention’ program the government ran for a few years (it is winding up at the moment I think). His job was to live in the Indigenous community and put things in place to help the community – he set up a disco once a week to keep the kids entertained, and looked at things he could do to keep them in school and keep the adults employed. There is another move named ‘Samson and Delilah’ that I saw about two Indigenous teenagers. It was a bit hard to watch, but it really showed how terrible life can be, and how they can end up in the way that many of them do.

    I love going to the movies! Mainly for the popcorn 😉 A lot of what we get here is American 🙂 The last one Daniel and I saw was The Avengers. I quite enjoyed it! We were given vouchers for the Premier Lounge for our birthday, which is where you get to sit in massive recliners and they bring you food and drink. It’s pretty expensive, but a nice way to spoil yourself! We have a ‘cheaper’ one that opened near our house – it’s $9.90 a ticket which is actually pretty good here! But we have a lot of movies taped here too. What are some of the movies you really like? 🙂

    I hope you had a nice lunch!

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