Posted by: ottok88 | September 23, 2012


The last time I sent a message it did not go very well and I don’t know why! Only the first sentence went. Strange, isn’it?  I think I just did something wrong without realizing it.  I DO make mistakes occasionally!

So what’s new with you, my Reader?  The newest thing is that AUTUMN arrived yesterday, in Chicago.  Oh, not only Chicago, but all over the Northern half of our globe!  And in the other half…SPRINGTIME! and isn’t that great?  Does tha make all you Australians happy?  I’m sure it does,.but it really happens in South America too. AND in Africa, although I think of those places as being warm, or even hot all the time. Do they ever have cold weather ther?  When we see movies of those places, it is always of jungles, or desert.

Anyway we always have frosts and snow in winter.  Sometimes really heavy snow tha can stop the flow of traffic!  But, happily, SPRING and SUMMER always come back!  And that makes us happy again.  Anyway, most of us living here do like the the change of seasons, and those who move to the warmer states, do miss those changes!

Now, I need to ask my Australian friends how they are doing and how is little Eva getting along?  If you have any recent pictures, we would like to see one.   Do you read to her?  I remember the days when our girls were little, how much we, and they, enjoyed books.  AND we still do, altho they are all able to read themselves.  Do you have a book down under titled, “GOODNIGHT MOON”?  It is one of my favorites. Now I have many favorites.   I have read many stories by French-Canadian authors.  Of course, I read the English translations.   Marthe introduced me to one of them a long time ago.  Her  name is, or was, Gabrielle Roy.  I think Im would like to read some of them again.  I better do that soon.  I am not getting younger!

And now, Erin and Daniel, I think I wrote enough for this time.  I will attempt to send it nownd hope it works!



  1. It worked this time!

    Spring is making us very happy. It got up to 23 degrees yesterday and it was lovely! I took Eva out to Floriade with some friends and we looked at the flowers. It is still on for another two weeks and I am looking forward to going with my parents – they just came back from a trip to the US! They went to Boston, New York, Memphis, San Francisco, Vegas and Washington.

    I hope the autumn and winter aren’t too cold for you this year, but it must be nice having a white Christmas. Apparently we’re going to have a hotter summer this year and then a really hot one the year after! This is very exciting as it wasn’t much of a summer last year at all. I’ve been doing swimming lessons (finally learning how to swim!) and Eva has been a few times, so we are looking forward to going to mum and dad’s house to use the pool.

    Eva is doing well – she is walking a lot more, so we had to buy her some proper shoes. Her feet are still chubby and small, so she was hard to fit, but she got some little white shoes with a pink heart over the toes.

    We don’t have that book – I will get her a copy! My favourite one to read to her is “If kisses were colours” – we bought it for her first Christmas.

    We read to her every night after her bath and before bed. She listens, but she really likes turning the pages, so she holds a little ‘Spot’ book to keep her hands busy while we read. She has a bookshelf full of books – we hope she grows up to be a reader like Daniel and I.

    I will send you some pictures!

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