Posted by: ottok88 | October 13, 2012


GREETINGS to my Australian Friends!  Yes, that is how I think of you.  And I don’t mind if others read that.  A person cannot have too many friends, right?  Earlier today I wrote a fairly long blog and when I went to post it…I must have hit the wrong key and fffft! it disappeared.  I don’t know what happened.

Anyway just let me say that one of our daughters brought me an Australian calendar.  I don’t know where she got it.  There are some very nice pictures of your country in it.  There is one of the Parliament House in Canberra, and one of course, of Ayers Rock, which we see frequently.  There is not one picture of a kangaroo, nor a koala!!!  That is what we see most of the time.

By the way, did you ever get a copy of the book, “Goodnight Moon” for Eva?  Would you mind if we got one for her?  But for that we would need an address.  Let us know, okay?  (Do you use that term “OKAY” down under?) 

But, now, it is supper time and Marthe is calling to come to eat.  Keep in touch.

Otto and Marthe




  1. Hello!

    It must be annoying that your posts keep dissapearing! When it started happening to me ages ago, I would write them whole thing in Word or Notepad, and then copy it in to the website so that if there was an error I would still have a copy. That might help?

    How exciting! We’ve been to a few weddings at Old Parliament House, and my university graduation ceremony was held in New Parliament House. It’s also nice that you don’t see the same old Kangaroo and Koala pictures in there too 😉

    I haven’t bought it for her – that would be lovely! How kind! I will send you our address in an email, and then I will have to think of some things to send you! We do use okay a lot here. A lot of people use ‘cheers’ a lot too. One thing that I was told was that we use ‘no worries’ a lot, and that’s not so common overseas.

    I hope you had a lovely supper! I was just having some crusty bread with butter from the farmers markets we went to this morning. Eva was well behaved and has gone down for a nap, so I decided to make the most of it to enjoy the bread (if she is awake she wants to eat all of mine!).

    Hope to hear from you again soon 🙂

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