Posted by: ottok88 | November 13, 2012

It is WINTER in Chicago today!

COLD, cold, cold, when we awoke this morning!  But it will be warming by the week end.

I have not blogged for a while.  I do not know whether it is because I am too lazy, or too old!  Maybe a little bit of each, eh?  Maybe with the HOLIDAYS coming I should perk up a little bit.  Next Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, so we have a Roast Turkey dinner to look forward to! That is a big plus.  Marthe and I will be getting together with all the family at our daughter Denise’s house, (AND of course our son-in-law’s as well). WE are hoping the weather will be warmer and no snow!  We did have a very tiny bit of snow this morning on the garage roof!

I do like snow sometime during the winter, especially at Christmas time; you know…WHITE CHRISTMAS and all that?  But not over done, like 2 or three feet, and certainly not in the form of a blizzard! And HEY!  why is it that on a regular E-mail I have the option of including a Smiley-Face so why can I NOT do the same on a blog??

I am being paged now to “COME TO DINNER”  So  Bye-Bye for now!  Write soon?




  1. It’s exciting that Thanksgiving is coming up – it always sounds like such a lovely time of year. How many people will there be altogether? I hope you have a lovely meal – you will have to report back on all of the things you ate, and if you had a big sleep afterwards!

    You can include a smiley face on your blog if you type a : and then a ) straight next to it without a space – when you publish your blog post, it should automatically turn in to a 🙂

    Daniel and I just got back from a short trip to Sydney. Eva stayed with my parents (her first night away from us!) and we drove up yesterday afternoon to see Radiohead in concert. It was AMAZING. We got back just after lunch and Eva had been very well behaved – not naughty at all!

    I hope you have a lovely dinner 🙂

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