Posted by: ottok88 | December 4, 2012


Even  I wonder why I have not blogged much lately?????   Well, I think it is just the tiredness I have been feeling lately!  Maybe it  is a combination of being tired, plus lazy, plus old age?  I don’t like it, but there it is, creeping up on me little by little without my noticing it!!!!  And what can I do about that?

I must get over it soon, Christmas is only 3 weeks from today,   This was they day we, our 16 or so, nieces and nephews met for our monthly “BREAKFAST” get together at the OMEGA Restaurant.  It is always a delight to meet with them. Besides that, we seldom get all together.  But it sure did tire me out.  When Marthe and I got back home, I took a nap and slept for one hour or a little beyond that.

When we next meet all these holidays will be over.  At this time I am wondering how it must be to celebrate Christmas in Australia in SUMMER!??  And for us it is always winter and we dream of a WHITE CHRISTMAS!   It seems so natural to have snow at nthis time of the year.  But this past week there was NO sign of it.  In fact we had a few days of record-breaking warm weather!!!! 

ANYWAY, we wish all of you “down under” a really happy, MERRY CHRISTMAS.  And even if you are NOT down under. “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL”




  1. I imagine that when it gets colder you would feel tireder in the mornings – it’s just so much nicer to stay in bed than sleep!

    Christmas is getting very close – it is very exciting. Have you done your gift shopping? What do you usually have for Christmas breakfast? This year we are going to Daniel’s parents house for lunch and my parents house for dinner. I am not sure what we’ll be having to eat.

    I’m looking forward to a hot Christmas. We finally had a few hot days, but then on Wednesday night it got down to 0.3 degrees – VERY cold for summer! It is meant to warm up again this weekend, I can’t wait. I feel silly wearing trackpants and a jumper and socks when it’s the middle of December!

    If you don’t blog again before Christmas, I hope you have a lovely day!!!

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