Posted by: ottok88 | December 17, 2012


December is half gone and we (Chicago) have had no snow for some time! But the reports are saying that, perhaps, we will have some this week-end.  Will we have a “white Christmas”?  It would be nice, that is, if it is one of those nice fluffy snowfalls, and NOT a blizzard!  However, we have no say-so in the matter. We haven’t had much rain this year either, so we should appreciate whatever moisture we get, right?

About one week ago we had a “COOKIE DAY” at our house.  I may have mentioned this before.  Anyway, it is really an occasion!  A few  daughters and some grand children congregate at “Grandma’s” with a supply of baking supplies, and whip up an abundant supply of Christmas cookies!  Our kitchen is a “bee-hive” of activity for several hours with chatting and laughing, and perhaps even a little singing with Christmas Carols playing on the radio!

When it is all over they clean up and go to their homes and Grandma and Gramps sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet.  Of course, that is not the end of it.  We see them  often between “cookie-day” and Christmas Eve when the whole family come together again at our house to celebrate CHRISTMAS!

We are fortunate to be a very close family who love each other.  We are blessed with a very fine relationship.  And we are quite happy to have it that way.

And now, Grandma and Gramps send their wishes around the world for a very happy and blessed CHRISTMAS to each one of you!



  1. I hope you get some of that lovely fluffy movie quality snow! How does Niko enjoy the snow?!

    Cookie day sounds lovely. What type of cookies did everyone make? Did you get to keep most of the cookies?!

    Sending you and your family lots of Christmas wishes!!!

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