These past few weeks have been so busy that I had to call the subject “MISCELLANEOUS”. To begin with is the THANKSGIVING holiday in the U.S.  We all went to one of our daughter’s (and husband, of course) for our Turkey Dinner, the traditional food of the day. Both sides of the family were there….about 30 people!  But it was fun.

About 2 weeks ago our daughters had their “SISTER”S DAY”  get-together and because it was the birthday of one of the girls, Marthe and I were invited. They served pizza. And because I need to be on a gluten-free diet they had a special pizza for me!   That’s because I am a SPECIAL DAD” (according to my daughters).  And they are special daughters according to me!

In early December the girls are having their annual COOKIE DAY, to gather at our house with their mixers, flour, butter, etc. to bake Chrestmas Cookies.  That has become a FAMILY TRADITION now also.  It has been going on for a few years and will probably continue as long as Mom and Dad are around, but that’s OK with us.  We hope that the five sisters will continue getting along so well for the rest of their lives.  Then, maybe the grand-daughters will take over some of the family traditions!

After Cookie Day, we have our Family CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONH on Christmas Eve,  That is growing, too, as the grandchildren start to bring a boy-friend or a girl-friend along.  But how will it be when THEY begin to marry and make GREAT-GRANDPARENTS of us?  We will need a larger house?  Anyway, who knows if that will happen in my lifetime? Marthe and I are not getting any younger!   ONE MOR THING:  CONGRATULATIONS TO “ENNY” AND HER HUSBAND ON THEIR FIRST ANNIVERSARY (a little loate, but sincere!)


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