Posted by: ottok88 | December 23, 2012


Yes, once again Christmas is here whether we are ready for it or not!  It seems to come faster each year!  And this year it looks as tho it will NOT be a white Christmas.  But that is okay.  Think of Australia and other countries in the southern half of the world….they are celebrating Christmas in SUMMERTIME!  And Let us wish all of them a Joyful, Happy, and a Merry, and Blessed Christmas! 

Two weeks   ago we, our family, were having our annual “cookie day” and our kitchen seemed to be overflowing with daughters and granddaughters. But I did not mind that.  I just shared in their fun time!  That’s what being a daddy/grandpa is all about, isn’t it?

The time since then….well, where did it go so quickly?  Today Marthe is preparing for tomorrow, Christmas Eve, when the whole family will be with us, Laughing, singing, happy, eating, sharing a joyful day together.  Four of the grandchildren will have their current boy or girl friend with.  The family gets bigger each year!  But that’s life, right?

Marthe and I send wishes to all of you, for a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY…and along with that,  we hope the new year will be HAPPY for all of you,,,,all over the world!


  1. I’m sure it will be lovely even without snow – is it likely to just fall later this year?

    We had a hot day yesterday – it was already 26 degrees by 9am. I took Eva out to the markets with my parents-in-law while Daniel went fishing with a friend (he didn’t catch anything!). It was very warm, so later in the afternoon I let Eva play with the hose in the backyard – she thought it was fantastic!

    Do you have many cookies left? I saw a picture of them that Jenn published – so many cookies!! While Eva doesn’t know the word ‘cookie’ yet, she does know ‘biscuit’!

    I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas – it is Christmas Eva morning now, and I got to sleep in until 9am, then I had pikelets for breakfast and have been trying to get Eva to have a sleep. This afternoon Daniel will take her to visit her great grandparents while my parents come over and help me make the play gym we got her for Christmas.

    It sounds like you’ll have a house full of people and lots of happy memories to make. Have a wonderful New Year!!!

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